Our suits are targeted towards individuals who like to dress to impress. These suits are for  free thinking people who are bored with the overload of basic suits and would like to have more statement, art and fun in their fashion. 

Our international team of designers are growing every season. The collaboration betweenfashion designers, graphic designers and pattern makers is very tight and important. Their aim is to be as close as possible to the consumer. We feel that this is the way to ensure that every new idea and design meets the expectation of our customers.

The patterns for our clothes are studied and modified every season to follow the constantly changing trends and to make sure they fit perfectly. This constant evolution guarantees our brand to achieve a better fit with every collection, and satisfy the expectations and demands of the customers. The response to the latest collections (STATEMENT SUITS ) has been very positive and inspirational.

The growth rate of Statement Suits makes our future look extremely bright. New opportunities open up to us every day. They come in the shape of new clients, importers and agents or in possibilities to reach out to new markets.


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